Pictures from Sweden 2006

Kvarnfallet, Uppsala January 4


Hoar frost , January 4

Skiing outside Uppsala, january 7

Ice skating on lake Ekoln, south of Uppsala , February 5

Skokloster castle, February 5

Krusenberg, February 5

 Mist and low clouds over Lake Hjälmaren, February 7

Birds on ice. Stockholm February 10


Kite surfing on Lake Ekoln outside Uppsala, March 12

The sun finally starts to melt the snow.  Uppsala  March 25

The ice starts to melt at Riddarfjärden, Stockholm. March 26

but in some places the ice is still thick enough to walk on.. March 26


Spring floods. Uppsala April 7

Spring is here.. Fyris river Uppsala. April 11

Summer arriving.. Kungstradgarden Stockholm May 8,  +25 C

Djurgården, Stockholm July 4  +28

Tivoli Gröna Lund, Stockholm. Cumulonimbus in the background. July 4


Lappland tour 2006

Lake Langas near Saltoulokta , July 11

Resting with view towards Stora Sjöfallet July 11

Rainbow, Saltoluokta , July 13

Föhn effect at Saltoluokta July 14

The top of Lulep Kierkau 1139 m July 15

Sarek mountains in clouds, tops above 2000 m. July 15

Beach of Pietsaure July 15

Taking a break at Gellivare train station. July 16

Gamla Uppsala October 8