Pictures from Sweden 2005

Springflowers. May 5 -2005


Stockholm-Birka tour July 4 2005

Stockholm, the Vasa bridge with the old town in the background

Stockholm City Hall

On the way from Stockholm to Birka on Lake Mälaren just passing Västerbron

The church of Ekerö

The harbour of Birka

Typical viking

Typical vikingboat

Balloon over the rooftops of Södermalm, Stockholm


Stockholm Archipelago tour July 8 2005

 Starting on a warm and calm morning at Nybroviken, Stockholm

Slowly leaving Nybroviken with the Nordic museum and the Wasa museum in the background

The Inner archipelago

Stop at Kymmendö (famous from the book "Hemsöborna" by August Strindberg)

The outer archipelago at Bullerön

Taking a swim in the Baltic Sea


Kebnekaise tour July 11-17 2005

July 11 2005. View at the Kebnekaise mountains  before landing at Kiruna airport (Lappland, Sweden)

July 12. The walk to Kebnekaise begins with sun and scattered cumulus

Waiting for the boat to take us over lake Ladtjojaure. In the back Kebnekaise mountains (Good reindeerburgers in this place)

A refreshing rain shower gave a nice rainbow

Finally reaching the Kebnekasie mountain station (only the old part visible bulit in 1904)

July 16. Preparing for climbing the top of Swedens highest mountain Kebnekaise (2103 m, 6900 ft)

Step by step on the way to the top

"That´s the way to the top". On Björlings clacier

Walking over the ice ridge on Björlings clacier. Please don´t slip..

Some hesitates to go on..

Some nice climbing before..

..the summit (almost) is in sight through the clouds.

On the top of Sweden (2103 m). 1230  UTC  July 16 2005. Temp -1 C. (No stopping for a picknick)

Heading down again with the skies clearing..

The fun and fast way down.

Back at Kebnekaise mountain station celebrating with splendid food and Lapponian beer


The East India ship "Götheborg" visiting Stockholm  August 21 2005

The ship "Götheborg" at Skeppsbron. The original ship sank in the approaches to Gothenburgh in 1745

"Götheborg" leaving Stockholm harbour. Now heading to China


Fagerudden, Enköping (Lake Mälaren)  August 31  2005

Nice morning at Fagerudden.

Clear skies and calm sea. What more do you need


The island of Gotland, September 9 2005

The beach at Hoburgen, southern Gotland. A nice day with 20 C.

Hoburgsgubben (The old man of Hoburg). Rauk at the southern tip of Gotland

The Hoburgen light house

View to the SW from the Hoburgen light house. One of the few manual weather station remaining in Sweden.